Minor changes and CRAN fixes

  • Removed Distill from imports and from created report, switching to using Quarto instead (e.g. with YAML metadata).
  • Removed AppVeyor.
  • Rearranged project creation to copy an internal folder (with necessary files) into the specified folder on the users computer. This hopefully will make it easier to add other templates later on.
  • Updated package aims to be clearer and more focused.
  • Fixes to CRAN notes about HTML5.

Bug fix

  • DESCRIPTION file actually needs a Package field (#127).

Major changes

  • Removed abstract and poster templates. Abstracts are so small it isn’t an important addition and (I sense) posters will for a while be created with other software tools (e.g. PowerPoint). Plus there aren’t many mature and well-established poster packages in R at this point in time.
  • Tidied up and trim down all the README files and include pointers to the prodigenr online documentation instead.
  • Removed R script template files. Projects might be too diverse for these template scripts to make sense.
  • Removed several dependencies, including the usethis package.
  • Moved Git initialization setup out into new function called setup_with_git().

Major change


  • Can now use RStudio’s “New Project” interface for a GUI creation of the project (#109, #111)
  • Setup projects to be “blank slates” (i.e. don’t save .RData) (#105)
  • Add TODO list to project to complete after project creation (#39)


  • Fix NOTES in CRAN results check for unused dependencies (clipr, desc, devtools)


  • Remove deprecated prodigen() function (#107)
  • Replace current interactive messaging with usethis::ui_* functions
  • Reduced opinionated content and moved over to rostools and its manifesto (#108)
  • Removed some dependencies by using functions from usethis
  • Incorporate use_template() instead of custom function (#101)

New feature

  • Use RMarkdown template files to draft the posters, slides, manuscripts, and abstract (#70, #75). See create_* type commands.
  • New function to setup a general project, but excluding the individual document types such manuscript, slides, etc (#72). prodigen function is deprecated.
  • READMEs in each folder and section to fill out in main README for the project description (#38, #80).


Minor fixes

  • Added additional information to template README.md (#29, #30, #32)

Misc additions

  • Todo items to created README
  • Added code coverage #65

New features/functionality

  • prodigen() now creates a new project structure that mimics R package development more, specifically devtools (since it is well documented and actively maintained) (#18, #15, #14). The old style has been removed.
  • Added a function to include a STROBE checklist for reporting guidelines (#21).
  • Added function to include an rfigshare script to send to figshare (#19).
  • Added function to include a more complete MIT license (#20).
  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented an Rproj file and the Rprofile files from being installed and created.